Services We Offer

Pai Telecommunication usually work in many different business Verticals.


We have our retail Vertical and have good retail volume for many Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries. We had our own dialers in past and haveour good stable relations with a lot of retailers as well in Middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia , Oman , Kuwait etc and thus have good retail volume available.


We have our Technology wing as well with the name Xpecto Technologies and it deals in developments of Softwares , Web Applications , Mobile Solutions , Android Apps etc.

Wholesale Voice

We have our wholesale vertical which deal in normal wholesale voice business , bilateral Swaps , Hubbing Opportunities etc. We do 7 million minutes daily and majorly focuses on Latam and African Region.


When you have high volumes of domestic and international traffic, We supports all your communications requirements and guarantee you global reach, high reliability and high throughput. Our flexible and reliable platform, complemented with our experience Team in the SMS business, helps operators get the most out of their SMS capacity.

Through our expertise in handling the toughest complexities of delivering and monetizing SMS traffic, you can confidently maximize your A2P and P2P revenues, reduce spam, block grey routes, deliver your campaigns globally, and reduce network costs…

Offering fully controlled end-to-end messaging, our platform not only delivers peak performance but also helps you to provide the best customer experience.