Pai Telecom

Pai Telecom, a leading telecommunications company, delivers its comprehensive range of services through two distinct entities.

Pai Telecommunication Limited

Pai Telecommunication Limited, based in Hong Kong, specializes in cutting-edge voice (VOIP) solutions. With a focus on crystal-clear communication, cost savings, and innovative features, Pai Telecommunication Limited is dedicated to providing exceptional voice services to businesses of all sizes.

Pai Telecom LLC

Pai Telecom LLC, a registered entity in the USA, offers a diverse portfolio of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. From A2P messaging services and automated billing solutions to content writing and campaigning, ticketing tools, and CRM systems, Pai Telecom LLC is committed to empowering organizations with effective communication and operational tools.

Our Services

Pai Telecom usually work in several business Verticals.

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Our Voice vertical specializes in wholesale and retail voice services, including bilateral swaps, hubbing opportunities, and more. With a strong presence in Asian, Latam, Middle Eastern, and African countries, we excel in these regions.

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Through our expertise in handling the toughest complexities of delivering and monetizing SMS traffic, you can confidently maximize your A2P and P2P revenues, reduce spam, block grey routes, deliver your campaigns globally, and reduce network costs…

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We have our Technology wing as well with the name Xorax Softs Private Limited and it deals in developments of Softwares.

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Cloud Services

Leverage cloud services for enhanced communication. Features: DID, ITFS, 2-way messaging, Whatsapp service, chatbot solutions. Streamline operations, engage customers effectively.

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India Domestic Messaging

Transform communication in India with our Domestic Messaging Services: reliable, efficient, and secure SMS solutions tailored for businesses. Boost engagement, reach customers effortlessly, and drive growth.

Our Main Focus

24*7 Support

We have experiences specialist who provide support to our clients 24*7. So any issue , just ping our team and they will be there to help.

Quality and Stability

We understand the value of your traffic and thus we make sure to provide the quality necessary for traffic sustenance along with Stability.

Global Reach and Connectivity

We have our partners and Providers all across the globe and thus enhancing our reach to all the regions across the globe.

Best Quality at Pocket Friendly Rates

We understand modern Era’s main requirement – Pocket Friendly costs. We have variety of routes available from CLI to NCLI , TDM and more. Thus providing Stable quality at aggressive costs. Our POPs, numerous agreements with direct vendors, the huge number of interconnections help us to provide the best price-quality ratio.

Timely Payments

We are very flexible and always pay to our suppliers timely. Transparency, reliability and our indisputable reputation are valuable assets that help us to reach long-term success and to build stable and trusted relationships with our partners.